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How social democracy can triumph in the 5-75-20 society

Policy Network, 23 April 2014 - In the six years since the 2008 global financial crisis, progressive politics has been struggling to find a new identity. In an over-reaction against the third way experience, it “threw out the baby with the bathwater”: instead of analysing carefully what Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Wim Kok, Gerhard Schröder and others got wrong, it yearned for a lost era of egalitarian basics without clearly working out what that meant and what its electoral implications would be. It saw the massive failure of markets as an opportunity to bring back the state when in fact rising public debt led to a crisis of the state, which in the public mind loomed larger than the crisis of the market. It struggled to formulate a publicly compelling alternative to austerity. In most countries, it has had to contend with the rise of anti-establishment populism, sometimes of the left, but mostly of the radical right.

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Impact Sourcing: An Opportunity That Actually Needs To Have Impact

Forbes, 22 April 2014 - Impact sourcing can be described as connecting the technology industry’s’ philanthropy with social entrepreneurs. Although less than a decade old, impact sourcing carries with it the hopes of the information technology industry to play a constructive role in the economic development of the least-developed parts of the world and to connect them to the global economy.

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Chinese youth unemployment down to 23 percent

SME Times, 21 April 2014 - Youth unemployment in the Chinese city of Shanghai has been lowered by almost 23 percent in two years, a media report said Monday.

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Bhutan National Youth Policy

Bhutan’s social development approach to public Policy adopts and creates an enabling environment in which the lives, work and success of our young people are placed at the center of growth and development. This National Youth Policy seeks to respond to those needs by providing a broad framework within which all stakeholders can contribute comprehensively and in a coordinated manner to youth development. It builds on the foundations and programmatic interventions implemented by all existing agencies since the inception of development in Bhutan.

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Bangladesh National Youth Policy

The National Youth Policy includes information on youth problems, rights and activities and talks about implementation strategy and advisory committee for the policy.

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State of Australia's young people

The State of Australia’s Young People describes how young people aged 12–24 years in Australia are faring and identifies those who may need additional support to do well. The report aims to inform the Office for Youth as it develops a National Strategy for Young Australians (Australian Government Office for Youth, 2009).

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